Month: March 2014

Cooking with Wild Garlic

Spring is here and there is an abundance of green shoots in the garden here at Our Lizzy. It’s good to see it on our walks in the Malvern Hills. The wild garlic is spreading its aroma and is ready to be picked! I just carefully take one or two leaves from each plant, leaving the rest of the plant intact. The flower heads are a distinctive white – don’t confuse the leaves with the poisonous Lily of the Valley.

wild garlic

Wild Garlic gives a great flavour to vegetarian dishes. I add it to my White Bean Pate and it makes a very tasty soup. My all time favourite thing to make with it is pesto. I love using walnuts and local extra virgin rapeseed oil. I saved some walnuts from picking in the autumn, so it’s a real Worcestershire dish! It’s delicious combined with pasta but works well on new potatoes or as a salad dressing.

Wild Garlic and Walnut Pesto

Before using, wash the leaves in water and place in a colander to drain. Pat dry with a clean tea towel or kitchen paper.

  • 100g wild garlic chopped
  • 75g walnuts
  • 150 – 200ml extra virgin rapeseed oil
  • salt and pepper

Place in processor with the nuts and blend together. Add the oil and blend again.

Season with salt and pepper

Keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge.

The amount of oil used can vary depending upon the consistency you require.

wild garlic pesto




Celebrate St David’s Day


Happy St David’s Day!  I’ve got my  first bunch of daffodils of the year! It’s good to be thinking about Spring menus. I love using leeks, one of my favourite recipes is the Leek and Bean no Bake. It works as a quick supper with pasta, or enclosed in pastry as a pie, or strudel for a dinner party.

How to prepare a leek for cooking

Place leek on chopping board and slice down the length, but leave the root intact. The root holds everything together.

Hold the leek under running water and wash the soil and grit out of all the layers.

Shake off excess water, and place on a cleaning chopping board to slice.

Place in a pan and start cooking – the water will help stem the leek before you add oil for cooking.

Click on the picture below to get the recipe for Leek and Bean no Bake.