Planting Herb Seeds

I love my garden here at Our Lizzy. The wild garlic and the bluebells are looking vibrant this year. I have a few gaps in the herb garden and missing the opportunity to stock up on fresh plug plants at spring food festivals this year.

I grow spinach and rocket from seed easily in the garden but some plants need a head start indoors. Marjoram prefers to grow in plugs so I’ve made some myself with newspaper. I can then transfer the whole tube to the soil when the seedlings are big enough.

I’ve made use of this container from my veg box delivery to sow some chervil seeds. I’ve also put some in a pot in the herb garden so it will be good to see which ones are more successful. Chervil is a tasty with a delicate flavour herb. I use it in dishes to replace parsley – it’s much easier to grow.

I spotted this indoor seed tray to grow micro greens. It’s a fabulous idea for people who haven’t got a garden. No compost needed! Just water, kitchen roll and this handy tray.

It’s going on the windowsill with basil, coriander and rocket set up to grow. I spray the seeds three times a day with water until the roots reach into the water in the tray. When the plants are 5cm high I can snip them and enjoy them with meals.

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