Christmas Favourites

Looking through my Christmas recipe folder brings back fond food memories. There has been a bit more time to think this year. Thinking back to the huge Christmas feasts of childhood. Elements of those Christmas dinners such as the cranberry sauce, bread sauce and roast potatoes are still favourites of mine.

A nut roast was one of the first dishes I made on becoming vegan. There were some very dry packet mixes available, but once I got my first kitchen gadget, a food processor, there was no looking back and now I always made my own. They are incredibly versatile due to the use of different nuts, vegetables, herbs and spices. They are good served hot as part of a dinner or cold on sandwiches. They freeze well in individual slices.

This combination is yummy Carrot and Cashew Nut Roast I’m going to double the quantity this year and make it as a festive ring.

A popular choice here is my Chestnut and Red Pepper Strudel. An all time favourite here! It’s enjoyed by B and B guests for evening meals. It slices well and is delicious served with red wine gravy. This an easy dish to prepare, using roasted peppers from a jar, vacuum packed chestnuts and supermarket puff pastry.

I absolutely love marzipan, so stollen is always a must for me. I add a nugget to my mince pies. Spiced dried fruit is Christmas to me. Christmas pudding trifle is fun to make, either a large trifle dish or an individual one in a glass.

Simply place segments of Christmas Pudding in a dish and scatter with Clementine’s. Top with vegan custard and thick vegan cream. Decorate with Clementine segments or flaked almonds.

I hope you enjoy cooking and eating some of your festive favourites.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Christmas.

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