Time to Read!

I love reading we have bookshelves in every room of the house! Different sorts of books in different rooms.

Lockdown has given me more time to read. For many people -particularly key workers – life has become highly pressurised and finding time to read and relax more precious.

A good book takes you to another place good to escape the reality of daily life. It’s wonderful to relax and immerse yourself in its pages. It’s comforting to re read a favourite novel and spend time with the characters that are like old friends. Books provide an opportunity to travel without leaving your armchair.

As well as novels, I love reading about other peoples experiences. I love nature writing, folklore and social history. There is always something new to learn and discover.

I love my collection of cookery books which has grown over the years. People sometimes ask which my favourite is and it’s hard to say. Old favourites which got me started such as Rose Elliot, Sarah Brown and Cranks. Books about preserving, bread making, growing herbs, and vegan cheese making are well thumbed.

As I cook using my own recipes, there are many of these books that I’ve never made a thing from, but I love to look through them and in normal times the customers here also enjoy browsing through them. I treasure the books from restaurants I have visited, stories of chefs and books about the history of food.

I recently enjoyed reading Scoff A History of Food and Class in Britain by Pen Vogler. I heard her speak at The Hay Winter Weekend. Her talk like many of the others is available on the Hay Festival Player I usually attend the Hay Book Festival. The organisers did an outstanding job creating Hay Digital; this brought the festival into the homes of so many who would not normally have been able to attend.  

We are lucky in Malvern having an independent bookshop. https://uk.bookshop.org/ supports independent book shops all over the country and is a great way to support local businesses and buy books.

Whether it’s a cookery book or a novel I hope you all have the opportunity to loose yourself in a good book in the coming weeks. Happy reading!


  1. Thank you for sharing Lizzy. I love books and am registered with borrow box which is the local online library. I’m getting in to podcasts in a big way. For the first time in years I’ve borrowed a puzzle and find it really relaxing and it focuses my mind. I’m not good at puzzles but am really enjoying. Looking forward to a brighter future v soon I hope. I fancy visiting yours and having a piece of cake and a cuppa with no talk of covid. Stay safe x

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  2. Borrow box sounds great, pod casts are great aren’t they I like listening to them when I’m going the ironing! Pleased you have found the puzzle useful so important to have something to focus on. Yes lets hope for brighter times ahead and look forward to baking for you and a catch up when we can. Stay safe x

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