Make the Most of Your Veg Box

It’s a privilege to have a really good organic veg box delivery. All the vegetables are locally grown and seasonal. They are always delivered with a smile. During this lockdown I have put some of my favourites together in a PDF collection. I’m hoping they will inspire people to cook and eat a wider range of vegetables. It’s so easy to just stick to the ones you like, but it’s really important to eat a range of vegetables for different nutrients. For fans of Michael Greger’s book ‘How Not to Die’, it’s good to find new ways of cooking cruciferous vegetables e.g. cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli.

There are tips for storing and using vegetables from your veg box. All the recipes come with photos. There are soups, snacks, main dishes side dishes and a sweet treat.

The book costs £5, the recipes are in PDF format so can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, for use when cooking. Or you can print from your computer, either with or without the photographs. You can buy it here

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